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Hylander 2006 BluesCaster USA Deluxe

Hylander 2006 BluesCaster USA

    This guitar was built similar to a strat«, but has many improvements. Here are the details.

    The body is constructed from joined two piece alder and has been painted with Metalic Lake Placid Blue, and clear coated with nitrocellulose laquer.

    The neck is bolt on style constructed of quarter sawn maple. The shape of the neck is what I call a Rocket V, which thinner and more subtle than the typical Clapton V, and is 1-5/8" at the nut. This neck has a double action truss rod which eliminates the need for the skunk stripe on the back of the neck. The finish on the maple is satin nitrocellulose laquer.

    The finger board is thin rosewood, and has small 2mm Paua Abalone dot markers on both the face and side. The nut is a Graphtech graphite impregnated material. This fingerboard is 25" scale length instead of the traditional Fender 25.5" scale and has Dunlop 6105 frets. The 25" scale which is the standard on Paul Reed Smith guitars give a slightly warmer tone and is faster to play. The fingerboard radius is compound 7.25" to 14" - awesome for chords AND bending, and has hand rolled edges.

    The tuners are chrome Sperzel locking tuners with staggered post heights. The staggered height posts eliminate the need for string trees on straight angled headstocks. I've used black satin chrome for the knobs to eliminate fingerprints, that normal chrome plated hardware experiences. Again I think the Sperzel tuners are the best around.

    The bridge is a Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage Tremolo. These bridges have nice sustain and several improvements over the Fender design.

    This guitar has Rio Grande pickups. The neck and middle pickups are Vintage Tallboys, with the middle being reverse wound. The bridge pickup is a Muy Grande.

    The pickups are wired with a single CTS volume control and two CTS tone controls. The tone controls utilize Sprague Orange Drop capacitors. The control cavity and cover are shielded to reduce hum. The pickups are controlled by a five position CRL switch.

B.B. King Signed Fender American Deluxe Strat«
BB King Strat

BB King Strat

BB King Strat

BB King Strat

    I built this guitar from parts. The body is a 2006 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster« with a two tone sunburst. The neck is a 2005 American Deluxe neck which I had to straighten and level the frets. The finger board is Rosewood with Abalone dots and is 25.5" scale length. The tuners are Schaller locking tuners. The bridge is a Fender American Deluxe tremolo with pop in tremolo bar. I've installed Graphtech FerraGlide saddles. The pickups are Fender SCN Noisless models as currently supplied with the American Deluxe Strats. Rather than use the S1 volume switch as the current American Deluxe models have, I've replaced the middle tone pot with a 3 position switch. Combined with the 5 position selector, this allows 15 different pickup configurations.

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