Analog Equipment Manufacturers
Synthesis Technology The home of the MOTM analog synthesizer module. These are what I use the most of in my system. These are engineered extremely well, which fueled my purchase decision.
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Blacet Research Blacet has been making modules for many years. They have some very different sounding modules, which can be customized to MOTM format.
Oakley Sound Systems Oakley provides bare PCB's with optionally some of the harder to find components. The Wavefolder is a popular module and easily customized to MOTM format.
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Encore Electronics Manufacturer of the Universal Event Generator (UEG), a highly recommended and flexible module in MOTM format. Also sells an excellent Midi to CV converter.
Wiard Synthesizer Co. Wiard produces some very unique analog equipment, among which is the Waveform City, now also marketed by Blacet Research as the MiniWave, customizable to MOTM format. Get it!!
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Ken Stone's Modular Synthesizer Ken's "Cat Girl Synth" PCB's are available here. His Wave Multiplyer is very popular.
Kenton Electronics Kenton Electronics produces very nice Midi to CV converters. I use their Pro-4 with my system.
PAIA PAIA has been making analog synth and theremin kits for years. The Fatman and 9700 series are a good economical entry into analog synth building.
Austrailian Theremin Kits This company offers an economical theremin kit.

MOTM User Links
Wise Guy Synth Self proclaimed Stooge Larry Hendry's MOTM and DIY Synth site. Larry, along with co-Stooge Moe, are supplying excellent custom panels in the MOTM format to mount your Blacet and Oakley DIY kits.
Dave's Hot Rod MOTM Shop Dave Bradley's Hot Rod MOTM Shop. Dave (AKA Stooge Moe) has mods for several Blacet modules and others. Be sure to check out the "Synth of Doom".
Scott Juskiw's MOTM-porium Scott's site has great information on modifications for MOTM modules and some of his own DIY modules.
Robert Rich Robert Rich uses a MOTM synthesizer, as well as others to create his excellent music
Dave Fulton and Dweller at the Threshold Dave Fulton is now using a MOTM for performances with Dweller. Check them out, it's great electronic music!

Reference Materials
Carey Roberts Carey's Documents Library brings you service documents, schematics, and tips for keeping your synthesizers tuned up and ready to rock
E-Music DIY Archive Tony Clark's E-Music DIY Archive. The Moog modular service manual is here... as well as other goodies..
The Analogue Solutions Modular Guide A good Manual from Analogue Solutions of basics of electronic sound synthesis
Analogue Modular Synthesis A collection of articles from Sound on Sound Magazine,and manuals including the ARP 2600 and EMU Modular
Buchla Schematics Schematics for the Buchla 200 Series
Moog Micromoog and MultiMoog Manuals and Schematics for the Moog Micromoog and Multimoog
Moog Minimoog Schematics Manuals and Schematics for the Moog Minimoog
Schematic Connection Many hardcopy manuals for sale. On-line ordering.
Mark Glinsky If you need a manual for that old synthesizer, Mark probably has it.
Jim Michmerhuizen Jim wrote the original ARP 2600 users manual which is an excellent reference and instructional manual for those wanting to learn synthesis. He has reprinted the manual and has it available for purchase.
Maxis Pages - Theremin If you're interested in building a Theremin,or need a schematic, this is a great site. Schematics, kits, music, links. Everything about the theremin!
Basic Patches Old Keyboard article by Dominic Milano on basic patching

DIY Links
Synth DIY Mail List The Synth DIY mail list is a good avenue for information on building your own synthesizer. Click on the link to the left, and enter "subscribe synth-diy" in the body of the message, without the quote marks
Jürgen Haible Jürgen is one of my idols in the synth DIY world. His designs are incorperated in many of the MOTM modules. Check out his site, and his music.
CapSite 2002 This site has just about anything you every wanted to know about capacitors
Åke's Tubedata A great site for information on a wide range of tubes
Resistor and Capacitor Coding Resistor color code and capacitor coding information
The Giant Internet IC Masturbator Lots of information on IC chips
Mouser Electronics A good source for electronic components, without the usual minimum order amount.
Analog Devices Analog Devices, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits.
Schaeffer Apparatebau Located in Germany, Schaeffer supplies custom panels. They have free software for designing the panels and delivery is fairly quick. Not as nice as having a custom Stooge panel, but close.
Front Panel Express Located in Seattle, Wa, this is Schaeffer's USA connection. They have free software for designing the panels and delivery is fairly quick.
ExpressPCB A good resource if you want to have a PCB made for your DIY project.
Music Great links to more synthesizer DIY resources.
Kevin Lightner Kevin's Synthfool site has lots of synth pictures and schematics.

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