Schematics and Manuals

Synthesizer Schematics and Manuals

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ARP 2600 Users Manual 10.5mb PDF
ARP Odyssey Service Manual 12.6mb PDF


Buchla 100 User Guide
Buchla 200 Schematics


Emu Modular Operation Manual 4.6mb PDF


MS10 Service Manual 884kb PDF
MS20 Service Manual 3.5mb PDF
MS50 Schematics 1.4mb PDF


Moog 901A VCO
Moog 901B VCO
Moog 901C VCO
Moog 902 VCA
Moog 904A VCF
Moog 904B VCF
Moog 904C VCF
Moog 921 VCO
Moog 956 Ribbon Controller
MiniMoog VCO
Complete Moog Modular Service Manual 8.2mb PDF
Complete Moog Prodigy Service Manual 3.1mb PDF
Complete Moog Rogue Service Manual 1.3mb PDF
Complete MemoryMoog Service Manual 1.3mb PDF
MiniMoog Operation Manual 74kb PDF
MiniMoog Service Manual 73kb
MiniMoog Schematics 8.6mb PDF


Matrix 1000 User Manual 2.3mb PDF
Matrix 1000 Schematics 1.9mb PDF
OBX User Manual 1.6mb PDF


Alpha Juno 1 User Manual 1mb PDF
CSQ-100 Sequencer User Manual 1mb PDF
Jupiter 6 User Manual 3.5mb PDF
TB303 Schematic 300kb GIF
MKS-30 User Manual 2mb PDF
MKS-30 Schematic 270kb GIF
MKS-50 User Manual 3.5 mb PDF
PG-300 User Manual 430kb PDF


Multi-Trak Operation Manual 12.4mb PDF
Pro One Operation Manual 2.2mb PDF
Pro One Schematics 422kb PDF
Prophet 5 Operation Manual 3.9mb PDF
Prophet 5 Technical Manual For Rev 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 20.2mb PDF