Oakley OMS-410 Parts Listing
OMS-410 Issue 1 OMS-410 Issue 2
Location Location Description Mouser Allied Notes
Semi Conductors Semi Conductors
D3, D4 D1, D2 1N4148 Diode 583-1N4148 1N4148
Q1, Q2 Q1, Q2 BC560 AUD AMP Transistor 333-BC560
IC's IC's
U2, U4, U5, U6 U2, U4, U5, U6 TL072 OP AMP 511-TL072ACN
U3 U3 OP275 OP AMP 630-9295 TL072 can be substituted
U1 U1 TL071 OP AMP 511-TL071CN 735-2725
U7 U7 LM13700 OP AMP NJM13700D
Resistors Resistors
R42, R50 R29, R37 4R7 Resistor 5% tol 291-4.7
All other resistors All other resistors 1% Metal Foil 271-value
Capacitors Capacitors
C13, C16 C7, C10 22uF 50V electrolytic 140-XRL50V22
C7, C9, C14 C1. C3, C8 100nF, 100V polyester 140-PM2A104K
C6,C9 100pFceramic 5% 80-C322C101J2G
C8,C10,C11,C12,C15 C2,C4,C5 33pF ceramic 5% 80-C322C330J2G
Misc Misc
L1, L2 L1, L2 EMI Shield Beads 623-2743001112
PSU PSU MTA power connector 571-6404454
410-CV 410-CV 5 position MTA 571-6404565
410-AUD 410-AUD 3 position MTA 571-6404563
PAD PAD 2 position MTA 571-6404562
Jacks Jacks 1/4" Switchcraft 112 Jacks 502-112A

Depending on the style of panel and different options available, not all of the above parts are needed. See your user guide for details.