Oakley OMS-820 Parts Listing
Location Mouser Digi-Key Notes
www.mouser.com www.digikey.com
Semi Conductors
D1-D9 1N4148 Diode 583-1N4148
Q1,Q5,Q8,Q9,Q10,Q11,Q12 BC549 AUD AMP Transistor 625-BC549B
Q2,Q3,Q4,Q6,Q7 BC559 AUD AMP Transistor 625-BC559B
U1, U3 TL072 OP AMP 511-TL072ACN
U2 TL071 OP AMP 511-TL071CN
U4 4001 CMOS LOGIC 511-4001
All resistors 1% Metal Foil 271-value
C2,C7,C8,C9,C10 22uF 50V electrolytic 140-XRL50V22
C5,C6 1nF polyester film box 581-1NOJ63
C4 10nF polyester film box 581-10NJ63
C1,C3,C11,C12 100nF polyester film box 581-100NJ63
L1, L2 EMI Shield Beads 623-2743001112
PSU MTA power connector 571-6404454
MOTM 4 position 0.1" header 538-22-23-2041
MOTM 4 position 0.1" plug 538-22-01-3047
MOTM Molex terminal pins for plug 538-08-50-0114
SPNO switches Mountain Switch Push Button 103-50220
SPDT switches NKK ON-NONE-ON 633-M201202 360-1043-ND Same style as MOTM
Jacks 1/4" Switchcraft 112 Jacks 502-112A Same style as MOTM
These are not the same as MOTM LEDs and I have not actually tried them.
LED BICOLOR Kingbrite 604-L57EGW
LED RED Kingbrite 604-L53HD
LED YELLOW Kingbrite 604-L53YD
LED GREEN Kingbrite 604-L53GD
LED Mount Chicago Miniature 606-CMP52
GREEN Lumex 67-1156-ND
RED Lumex 67-1155-ND
YELLOW Lumex 67-1157-ND
BICOLOR Lumex   These are special order qty 100.  I have a few available for sale.  
Digi-Key has a $25 minimum order.  If you want the Lumex MOTM style, buy the NKK switches from Digi-Key
and you should have enough to satisfy the $25 minimum.