Matthew Davidson's Miniwave ROMs

I have been licensed by Matthew to burn and offer for sale his ROMs for the Blacet/Wiard Miniwave. This is a temporary license until he is able to resume supplying them himself. Matthew has not made the Vowels ROM available for me to offer.

Comments on the available ROMs by Matthew:

Vector 1 - $35
Sine, triangle, saw and square waves in each corner of a fully interpolated 16x16 matrix. Plug a joystick into the CV inputs and go nuts. In this MP3 example, the miniwave is slaved to the sine output of an oscillator driven by a sequencer. There is chorus and delay added to the output. No filters or additional oscillators used, the tonality is shaped entirely by vectoring around the matrix.

Vector 2 - $35
Saw and square, like Vector 1, but the sine and triangle waveforms are replaced by FM- generated waves with interesting spectral content. Whereas a filter effect can be simulated by vectoring to the sine wave with Vector 1, Vector 2 is designed to be used in conjunction with a filter.

Bosch Gardens $35
A useful collection of alternate waves. Some banks are intentionally disjointed and others share common harmonic structures. One bank is designed for simple drones and brings in subtle harmonics.

Morphine $35
Smoothly transforming waves designed to add some animation to an oscillator bank. 32 unique waveforms with 14 steps of interpolation. Here is a short example of the raw miniwave output.

Scale Quantizer $35
Turn your Miniwave into a flexible scale quantizer. Classical modes, melodic & harmonic minors, major/minor pentatonics, Lydian b7, Phrygian n3 in every key. Simply page to another bank to transpose a static melodic pattern to another key. Page to another 'wave' for modal transposition. Also includes all whole tone scales, chromatic quantitization and several banks of walking melodic patterns relative to the key of C aeolian. How is this possible? Some say I employed a group of ancient Chinese virgins to painstakingly enter each of the 65536 values in this ROM and several went blind in the process. I hope you all appreciate their sacrifices.

Vowels $35
Morphing vowel sounds based on samples of my voice. Here is an example of the raw sound from the miniwave. Single cycle waveforms of vowel sounds are not intended to be the ultimate in realism, but the waves do have a vocal-like quality.-->

Pricing for Blacet/Wiard style ROMs (27c512 28 Pin)
One ROM = $35 + $5 shipping
Two ROM = $70 + $5 shipping
Three ROMS = $105 (free shipping)
Four ROMS = $130 (save $10 + free shipping)
Five ROMS = $155 (save $20 + free shipping)
Six ROMS = $180 (save $30 + free shipping)

Pricing for The Harvestman Piston Honda style ROMs (25AA512 Serial 8 Pin)
Note! I have reports that the Scale Quantizer would not work well with the Piston Honda, so it is not available to order.
One ROM = $38 + $5 shipping
Two ROM = $76 + $5 shipping
Three ROMS = $114 (free shipping)
Four ROMS = $142 (save $10 + free shipping)
Five ROMS = $170 (save $20 + free shipping)

Shipping is free on any ROMs ordered with an Expander board.

Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail

Please do not ask me to misrepresent the value of the shipment for customs documents on orders shipping out of the USA.

Payment can be made by Paypal to, and is the preferred method of payment. I can also accept checks or money orders. Email me for the address to send payments to.

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