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I've added synthesizer service, user manuals, and schematics Here

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I build custom steel string acoustic and electric guitars as well as refurbishing and repairing older guitars. I have collected a number of interesting guitars over the years and have borrowed what I feel are some of the best characteristics from each, and am putting them into the design of my guitars. Be sure to check out the new Mossman guitars and information in the guitar collection section.

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Model Yachting

Several years ago I became interested in sailing radio controlled model yachts and completed a kit of the Soling 1M supplied by Victor Model Products. After completing the boat, I posted pictures of it taken at Lake Morey in VT. I received many emails as to the after market fittings used and what paint was used, so I have put together a construction tips page as well. The original pictures and links page is here, with a link to the tips page as well.

CNC Machining

Coming soon!
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This site provides information on guitars,synthesizers,and other instruments which I build, repair, and collect. Construction of synthesizers and acoustic guitars would seem to be at the opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but I enjoy creating and playing both. I also experience great satisfaction in creating music with instruments I have crafted. There is also information on one of my newer hobbies, sailing radio controlled model yachts.

Sound Synthesis

Over the past 10 years I have been constructing a modular analog synthesizer. The modules are for the most part the excellent MOTM modular kits from Synthesis Technology. I have been adding in others from Blacet Research, Oakley Sound, The Wiard Synthesizer Co., Ken Stone (CGS), Larry Hendry, and a few others are custom built.